$20 Million Fund, Screen II, For Video Games, VR, OTTS, XR Launched

Three years after opening a $20 million investment fund aimed at supporting films and television series, Chile-based Screen Capital has launched a second investment fund, Screen II, which will support projects in digital entertainment: video games, virtual reality status, OTT platforms, Augmented Reality (XR), apps, etc.

Screen Capital was co-founded by Joyce Zilberberg, former Chilean film commissioner, and Tatiana Emden, who headed the Chilean Development Fund, and key partners include Edgar Spielmann, CEO and former VP of Latin America at Fox Networks Group.

The Screen II investment fund is backed by public and private investors, led by Mexican producer Alex Garcia of AG Studios, which has invested in many film, television, music and technology projects in recent years.

“It was a natural step for me, given everything I’ve worked on in the past,” he said Various. “The digital space is the today and tomorrow of content. The analog world is dying and will eventually become a marketing tool only in the digital space,” he added.

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Screen II will begin in March with the goal of investing in an average of 10 companies, Zilberberg said. The new fund is backed by reports of record growth in the digital entertainment space.

According to the Inter-American Development Bank, there are approximately 397 million video game players in Latin America and the Caribbean, 80% of whom are concentrated in Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, and Venezuela.

“Our region has the second-highest growth rate in the industry, compared to US data processing services growth of 13.56 percent per year,” it wrote.

Price Waterhouse Coopers’ Global Entertainment and Media Outlook 2018-2022 report predicts an average annual growth of more than 40% in virtual reality and around 10% in digital content distributed on streaming platforms.

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Meanwhile, Screen I, backed by a group of investors led by NonStop Television President Patricio Rabuffetti and Screen One Investment Committee Chairman Ralph Hayek, identified companies with a proven track record of viable film and television series. “We’re restarting the fund, which has not been easy because of the pandemic when most production has stopped,” Zilberberg said. Various.

StoryA, an audiovisual content accelerator created by Screen I and Condeco Corporation, founded by Angel Zambrano, on January 25th at a Content America panel on “New Investment Funds in Latin America” ​​with Spielmann and BTF Media co-founders. -Francisco Cordero, CEO.

StoryA’s mission is to bridge the gap between independent producers and major players in the industry, finding and selecting audiovisual projects.

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Fabula Screen is also a strategic alliance of the powerful Chilean production brothers Larraín, which focuses on the production of films and TV series Screen One and Fabula Screen. Exhibition leader Cinepolis’ first film to be released on more than 600 screens in the Mexican market is Chile’s Guillermo Calderon’s Maquilam Otra Vez.

Screen One also partnered with renowned Latin American producers Moises Cheever and Paula Manzanedo to produce the Jessica Chastain-starring feature film The New Order directed by producer-helmer Michel Franco.

“We have a fourth strategic line with Argentine manufacturers, among them NonStop, and we will work with them mainly on the creative side,” says Emden.


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