$2,000 Steam Game Starts With 8-Minute-Long Men’s Rights Rant

AI 2123's hidden and undisclosed image of a text message on a device that looks like an iPhone.

This AI just wants to be your friend Brian.
Fig: ProX.team

Steam always gets a lot of new games, but there is one issue a title Priced at $2,000 this week. that game Hidden and unknown, but considering it contains a very long introductory text about male rights and the “human cycle” of reproduction, it’s not worth your time. Oh.

Developed by ProX.team, Hidden and unknown is the latest indie Steam game to capture the attention of the internet for a number of reasons. Yes indeed it is 2000 dollars. Yes really get it less than two hours to complete. And yes indeed it does to be Star Wars– as does the eight-minute-long, unskippable opening sequence. These aspects alone make the game somewhat interesting for gamers like myself, who are interested in what’s going on with Valve’s PC distribution platform. HoThis is the thesis of the opening sequence, which suggests that “most men in the West today are effeminate” and “unruly”. In other words, the Soy Boys are a no-no.

The opening eight minutes of the game

An example of opening text scrolling only.
Fig: ProX.team

“There is an idea called the human cycle that cannot be stopped as long as humanity exists,” it begins. Hidden and unknownScroll the opening text of . “This has been the case since the dawn of civilization, but with unprecedented advances in science, things may not be as they once were. In the past, a small percentage of people could be weak, but today the situation is different. Most men in the West today is feminine, while most women in the West today are masculine. Men mistake being weak for good so as not to offend women, while women play more masculine roles because their men are pathetic, weak, and incapable of leadership.” It goes on continuously for eight minutes.

But what? Hidden and unknown? It’s a non-interactive visual novel about Brian, a kid you’ve never seen before. Like most kids, Brian plays soccer, goes to school, sleeps in his bedroom, hangs out with his friends (which you don’t even see), and plays browser-based video games. The only difference is that Brian (who looks like him) is disqualified by his friends because the girls make fun of him, so he somehow connects with Super Artificial Intelligence 2123, which is actually Brian from the future trying to save this digital computer. the world is on the brink of extinction due to not producing babies. You see, Brian, now disaffected and disillusioned, has no interest in relationships or reproduction because his sons bully him and his daughters make fun of him. In 2123, this artificial intelligence that balances male and female energies wants to help Brian make friends again and finally find love to prevent “extinction” despite population growth.

First 30 minutes of a $2K Steam game

There is so much to unpack here, I don’t even know where to begin. However, if you know the struggle for men’s rightsa political movement centered around the concept of structural discrimination against men, then focus on these talking points. This is dangerous talk fueled by self-proclaimed feminist Andrew Tate. Streamers like Adin Rossall of which largely support the supremacy of men in a horribly patriarchal society that still exploits women.

In the Discord DM Kotakua Hidden and unknown The developer, known only as ThePro, says the game, while “not an exact copy,” “follows my experience.” As ThePro explains, the game calls “most Western men” effeminate and weak, but doesn’t believe that “men are generally weak.” However, “anyone who’s had an easy life” will be underdogs, ThePro said, explaining how the game has been received so far and what it’s learned.

Hidden and unknown artwork created by artificial intelligence of a school classroom.

I’m also “surprised” by this game.
Fig: ProX.team

“I’ve heard the world is a lot worse than it used to be, but I admit I prefer to do my own research before jumping to conclusions, and the reception proves people can be obsessed with the wrong thing,” said ThePro. said. “Instead of focusing on improving not only themselves but the lives of the people around them, they do a lot with a price tag that doesn’t affect their lives in any way.”

Pro said they are afraid of us.[lose] It’s the only thing that makes us human,” but declined to explain what that meant. Instead, they explained that “males and females have testosterone and estrogen,” and these energies must be balanced.

“Even though I’ve been accused of being ‘transphobic’ and ‘misogynist,’ I want to tell everyone that I have no problem with men, women, trans people, or any other group of people. Respect me too,” ThePro said. , jumping to conclusions is not a good image for them. It’s sad to see that we have to live in a world where everyone becomes aggressive, but I want to be sure that if we start working together, not against each other, we’ll find a way out of danger. very likely to perish under steam conditions.”

ThePro then goes on at length about the “many possibilities” that could contribute to the end of humanity, including nuclear war, the global economic crisis, overuse of lithium, and estrogen in plastics. Looks like ThePro is using it after all Hidden and unknown Inculcate some form of ideology that men need to “lead” because if not, we will all perish. What a revelation.

Yes, you don’t need to check Hidden and unknown. If you had money and earned it in less than two hours (which is completely possible), you can legally get a refund. Steam Refund Policy. But I don’t care why you commit yourself to such a boring and, frankly, philosophically fruitless game.


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