Apex Legends Mobile is being shut down in May 2023

Apex Legends Mobile Just over a year after its worldwide launch, developer Respawn Entertainment is officially launching. The decision was described as “painful” and “didn’t come lightly” but the company will be shut down regardless. May 1, 2023 per hour 4:00 PM PDT. The game will be unavailable after sunset.

“We’ve made the painful decision to sunset Apex Legends Mobile,’ Rebirth Announced on Twitter. “This decision will not be made lightly. Factors beyond our control prevent us from maintaining the high-quality experience and content our players deserve.”

“As a result, the game will be closed at 4:00 PM PDT on May 1, 2023, and will be unplayable after that. Thank you to the players and teams who joined us. Apex Legends Mobile, inexhaustible even in a short period of time. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.’

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In an FAQ blog post, Respawn talked more about the decision and mentioned a drop in the quality of the game’s content, which later began to fall short of publisher expectations.

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‘After a strong start, the content pipeline Apex Legends Mobile began to fall short of that bar in terms of quality, quantity, and rhythm. It’s for this reason that, after months of working with our development partner, we’ve made the decision to retire our mobile game,” Respawn said.

It’s unclear whether this drop in quality was the result of communication issues, changes in Respawn’s and EA’s priorities, or other factors beyond their control.

Regardless, given the game’s passionate community support and the overall high quality of the experience, the move comes as a major surprise. Many players took to Twitter to express their displeasure with the decision a bad breakup.

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In the short term, Apex Legends Mobile It won several major awards, including the iPhone Game of the Year at the 2022 Apple App Store Awards and the Game Awards 2022 Mobile Game of the Year at the Google Play Awards. Game of the year. However, it appears Apex Legends Mobile now leaving time in the sun.

The game will close May 1, 2023All players are blocked on this day.


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