Bessie Hendricks, America’s oldest person, honored at Lake City funeral

Ed Schaffer celebrated his grandmother Bessie Hendricks’ 115th birthday in November with everyone enjoying her birthday cake. While modern medicine suggests that too much sugar can cause health problems, Schaffer recalled how her grandmother’s philosophy on living a long life.

“She always said to stay away from doctors, (work hard) and eat a lot of sweets,” he said.

So he went to one of the custodians at the Hendricks long-term care facility in Lake City and asked if his grandmother could have a piece. He said it was bright when it arrived, mixed with some ice cream, her favorite sweet treat.

Bessie Hendricks is believed to be the oldest person in America.  He passed away on January 3 at the age of 115.

“When my mom ate and ate this bowl full of cake and ice cream, my grandma started hitting it, like ‘I want more! I want more! I want more!'” he said. “It just makes me laugh because it tells me that my grandmother was still there somewhere.”

When Hendricks died on January 3, he was believed to be the oldest person in America and the fourth-oldest person in the world. At her funeral on Saturday, the remaining five generations of her family — from Hendricks’ three surviving children, now in their 90s, to her great-grandchildren who still milk their cheeks — attended the small shrine in Lake City. filled up decorated with glittering sparkles and flower petals.


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