Brightness Booster Max with up to 70% more brightness and other innovations

LG OLED 2023: Brightness Booster Max with up to 70% brighter lighting and other innovations

LG says Brightness Booster Max will deliver up to 70 percent more brightness on its 2023 OLED TV models (C3, G3, and Z3), which is one of the advancements the company plans to unveil at CES.

LG has released a first look at its 2023 display lineup, which includes OLED TVs that will be unveiled this year despite the usual blurring of CES announcements. LG’s flagship products are the Z3, G3, and C3. The B3 is expected to be the most expensive option, but a cheaper version based on older, more complex technology is expected to arrive in 2023.

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In 2023, LG’s OLED TVs will feature Evo panels and Alpha 9 CPUs, now the sixth generation. The Signature Series collapsible flexboard is back, and the series boards can be stored in a compact case. One of the new features will allow you to increase the brightness of the OLED screen, LG announced. becomes clearer and more realistic.”

Unfortunately, LG has not provided any details about the functionality of this technology. The processor is expected to provide precise control of ABL (Automatic Brightness Limiter), increase light output for detail capture, and improve thermal management. Hope for success will be revealed through experimentation. The difference between the standard and Evo panels was minimal when rated at around 20 candelas in HDR. LG claims to have improved its AI algorithms for both vision and sound. These modern devices are capable of producing virtual surround sound with a maximum of 9.1.2 channels. The C3 series comes with a base, but the G3 is usually designed for wall mounting. LG is promising a new mounting mechanism that will bring the G3 closer to the wall, with a “One Wall” design that won’t have an obvious gap between the wall and the TV. Meanwhile, the accessories with legs are isolated from the wall.

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For gaming, Quick Media Switching Virtual Reality (QMS-VRR) is expected to appear. QMS-VRR prevents short drops that can occur when switching between sources with an HDMI 2.1a connection. Until QMS 2022, VESA did nothing to improve the HDMI standard. Meanwhile, QMS is not expected to be implemented on older models.

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