Epic Games Store Making One of the Biggest Games Yet Free for Christmas

The Epic Games Store’s free games event, which is currently running, could give users one of the store’s biggest games this Christmas. If the giveaway turns out to be what people are hoping and waiting for, anyone with an Epic Games Store account will get one of the most talked about and exclusive PlayStation games of 2019 for free. That free game is anything but Death StrandingThe latest Hideo Kojima game has already received a sequel and film series in the universe of the first game.

news of Death Stranding It’s likely to be the next free game in Epic Games Store’s holiday event, prompted by a teaser image of the next mysterious game’s wrapping paper. Like other games, it contains symbols that indicate what the next game will be. It shows a necklace with three rectangular pendants, which people believe is similar to the one worn by Sam. Death Stranding. The image can be seen below, along with a vote of confidence from Wario64, Twitter’s top source for gaming news and deals.

If this teaser wasn’t enough, it’s likely that other assets have already been found in the Epic Games Store to prove it. Death Stranding will indeed be released on Christmas Day as a free Epic Games Store game. Pictures of the box art Death Stranding Epic Games’ next round of free-to-play promotions legitimizes the claim, with a teaser for the Chinese version of the Epic Games Store supposedly using the quote “Tomorrow is in your hands” often used in game promotions. tomorrow’s free game.

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Of course, nothing is confirmed until Epic Games officially announces the free-to-play game on December 25th, but it’s likely. Death Stranding (not the main edition Director’s Cut, according to the leak). The only alternative that some people have put forward could be a game Raji: An Ancient Epic This necklace looks more like the one in the picture, but has a disclosed property and trust. Death Stranding A big-name game would have been more appropriate at Christmas, leading many to stick to their beliefs Death Stranding The next free game from the Epic Games Store.

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