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The Bungie Foundation is proud to celebrate an incredibly successful year, and it’s all thanks to the incredible Destiny community you’ve created. Almost 100% of the Bungi Foundation’s funding comes from our community, so we would like to express our sincere and heartfelt thanks to all of you who keep coming back to help us do good in the world! Here are the highlights for 2022.

Participate in Game2Give

Starting today, November 22nd, our site is officially open for registration and we encourage anyone thinking about fundraising to sign up! An incredible number of fundraising incentives on offer, as well as the official launch of our Lifetime Fundraising Program Guardians of the Light Association!

During Game2Give 2022 only, fundraisers will be able to receive rewards starting at just $500. The following levels are available only Find out during Game2Give 2022. Lightkeepers union status does not apply.

$500 – Base Layer Emblem

Everyone’s favorite TwitchCon icon is back! Fundraisers who reach the $500 level during the event Receive two base layer emblem codes*.

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$1000 – Bungie Store Gift Card

Fundraisers who reach this level during the event A $50 Bungie Store gift card and all lower-level event prizes will be available.

$2,500 – Digital G2G 2022 Hall of Fame Poster

Fundraisers who reach this level during the event Game2Give 2022 Hall of Fame entry, digital copy of poster and all rewards from lower level events.

$5,000 – Hall of Fame poster + custom DOTEXE jersey

Fundraisers who reach this level during the event A copy of the Hall of Fame poster, a custom DOTEXE jersey and all lower level awards will be available.

The Guardians of the Light Association and how it works

All personal fundraising efforts after Game2Give 2019 will now count towards the Guardians of the Light Guild total. Each event must be registered to the same email address. If you received one of these bonuses in a previous campaign, you will not receive an additional copy.


$2500 – Metagalactic Prosperity Emblem

$5,000 – Grace’s iconic feature

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You’ve seen a few of these bonus prizes before, but we’re excited to introduce the latest round, $10,000!

$10,000 – Nova emblem core + small glowing shadow

Our newest ladder and our favorite. These two special items are specially designed to work with our Little Lights program.

Additional hierarchy

We know that some of our Lightkeepers have already passed these levels, and we want to let you know that we have more promotions planned! We can’t share those details yet, but we plan to offer digital and physical rewards to those who reach $25,000, $50,000, and $100,000. Expect more details in early 2023.


Fundraising isn’t the only way to get involved! It wouldn’t be Game2Give without new incentives for our amazing donors around the world. This year we have four promotions available as part of the campaign. As in previous years, all prizes can only be claimed once per unique donor, but donations are cumulative, making it easier to unlock higher levels when you donate more.

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$10 – Arc Fuel Symbol

$25 – Vacation Focus Emblem

$60 – Soft hearted shell and exotic spirit

$100 – Light-hearted, exotic sparrow

Our first sparrow inspired by the Little Light program! Yes, its smoke leaves traces of the heart!

Other ways to get involved

If streaming or fundraising isn’t your speed and you can’t donate right now, that’s 100% okay! We’ll have a schedule of featured streams and content packages for you to enjoy during the campaign. Be on the lookout for your favorite streamers – our full schedule will be available on December 6th at! Every stream, share, retweet and shout out about the campaign helps.

Be sure to use #game2give and #littlelights to spread the good word!

Be sure to follow the Bungie Foundation on Twitter @BungieLove exclusive content on everything Game2Give related, our mission and impact, and all streaming schedules.

Thank you to our patrons for supporting us and allowing us to do all this great work!


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