How Does Mobile Legends Ranking System Work? (ON)

One of the most advanced mobile eSports games, Mobile Legends is a highly competitive MOBA. Like most other MOBAs, ML has various offerings, one of which is ranked mode.

Ranked mode is an intense event where players compete and gradually rise up the game’s stage. As players progress through different ranks and classes, more game features and items become available. Plus, every time you level up, you’ll get a special bonus that motivates you.

In fact, the Mobile Legends ranking system provides a smart way for players to evaluate their progress, making the game fun and challenging.

Ranking the Mobile Legends ranks can be quite difficult, so this guide compiles everything a MLBB player needs to know about the Mobile Legends ranks.

How to make a ranked game in mobile legends

The ranking system is very simple. One season lasts about 3 months. Once the season ends, the system will update the Mobile Legends ranking. As a result, players lose rank. When the next season starts, the old rank is used to calculate the player’s new rank in Mobile Legends.

The thing to note is that you rarely retain the exact rank you had before. Instead, you should expect a slight drop off at the start of each ranked season. For example, an Epic I player may move to Epic III after the Mobile Legends Season 13 rank update.

A beginner might not know how to know his rank in Mobile Legends. However, unlocking ranked mode is relatively easy. Ranked matches will become available at level 8. Playing a few dozen games should get you to level 8, provided you have at least 6 champions unlocked.

There are two types of ranking systems in Mobile Legends. A star system is used for legendary players and below. There is a scoring system for Mythic players.

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Your performance in ranked matches determines your rank. If you are not sure how to check your local rank in Mobile Legends, just scroll and select. Sort mode from you is the main screen of the game.

Mobile Legends rank ladder

While the ranking system doesn’t paint the full picture, it does provide an easy way to assess a player’s level based on their playing skills. Although it’s a bit confusing, this short explanation of the system will let you know how to rank quickly in Mobile Legends.

The game has seven levels and each level has several divisions.


After unlocking Ranked Mode, the player joins Warrior III, the lowest Mobile Legends ranked level in the game.

Once you get three stars, you will advance from Warrior III to Warrior II. Four stars will advance you to Warrior 1. Therefore, it is recommended to use the best hero to rank fast in Mobile Legends.

From here, winning tournaments will earn you stars. However, if you lose a match, you won’t lose any stars.


After getting 5 stars, the player will enter the Elite III category. The next levels are Elite II and Elite I. You need 5 stars to increase your rank to the next level.

How to rank fast in Elite Mobile Legends is the goal. However, in this and subsequent levels, players lose a star for each defeat. Basically, this means that the 5 game winning streak is the fastest Mobile Legends rank riser.


Like Elite, Mobile Legends Master requires 5 stars to progress. However, unlike Elite, Masters has four divisions. The lowest master rank is Master IV. The next stages are Masters III, II and I.

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A 5-star Master I player is promoted to the rank of Grandmaster, often abbreviated as GM.

The high-end levels of Mobile Legends are often intense and brutal. Therefore, grandmaster level matches are quite challenging. Therefore, players must use smart strategies and best heroes to rank up in Mobile Legends.

There are four GM level divisions (IV, II, II, I) in the Mobile Legends survival ranking system. You need 5 stars to level up in this stage.

Advanced ML server players can use Draft Pick and the team must use only one hero. In addition, lost stars can never be recovered and no defense points are awarded.


As you progress through the Epic ranks, the game becomes more difficult. However, the good news is that the Epic IV level has a wider selection of heroes.

The lowest rank is Epic IV. After that, you need 6 stars to increase your position in the next ranks III, II and I.

In addition to Draft Pick, there is a scrabble system, and Epic also has banned heroes.


It’s legendary that the Epic stage is difficult to beat. Therefore, players who make it through Epic become legends.

In addition to knowing the best hero to rank in Mobile Legends, the player must master all the heroes to reach the Domo level. This level requires solid communication among teammates and flawless strategic execution.

There are four divisions in the Legendary ranks; Legend IV, Legend III, Legend II and Legend I. You need 6 stars to level up.


Finally, there is Mythic, the highest rank in Mobile Legends. A legendary player is at the top of their game. They no longer need stars to rank up. However, they get legendary points for every game they win.

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You get more points by defeating a player with more points than you. If you lose to an opponent with fewer points than you, you will lose a lot of points. Losing all your legendary points will send you back to Legendary I.

The top 50 players with more than 600 legend points are awarded the Legendary title.

A wonderful legend

Technically, this isn’t a tier – it’s a level for top Mobile Legends players.

Falling into the category of popular legend is not easy; Collect as many legend points as possible and climb the legend ranks. 600 legend points is enough to turn you into a Famous Legend.

For popular legends, you can appear on real-time leaderboards of all the best players on the server, including Mobile Legends.

Details you need to know about Mobile Legends ranks

  • A big winning streak (Elo) or a huge, impressive individual performance could lead to a multi-star.
  • You get defense points for excellent individual performance. Having enough defense points protects the player from the effects of defeat.
  • Once per day, if one of your team members is AFK, your rank will not be affected.
  • Your contribution to each match in Mobile Legends earns you Star Boost Points and Star Protection Points. Star Raise points will give you free stars in total. In addition, collecting enough star protection points will prevent you from losing stars from matches you lose.
  • At the end of the season, players are awarded based on their ranking. However, awards are not based on divisions. Therefore, players of the same tier receive similar rewards regardless of which tier they belong to.


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