‘ICT Convergence Expo Korea 2022 & World AI Fair’ opening at EXCO on the 9th… Participation of 700 booths from 170 companies participating!

Los Angeles, CA, November 16, 2022 /24-7 Press Release/ — ABB (artificial intelligence (AI), big data, blockchain) industry’s present and future ‘ICT Convergence Expo Korea 2022’ kicks off at EXCO . On November 9 (Wednesday).

The exhibition will run until the 11th (Friday) and will be under the theme of optimizing, scaling and pioneering technologies that will accelerate the digital transformation of the ABB industry. It will introduce Information and Communication Technology (ICT) convergence technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), big data, blockchain, metaverse platforms, cyber security and software. As this year’s ‘ICT Convergence Expo Korea 2022’ is held for the 17th time, it will be held as ‘World AI Fair 2022’, the only artificial intelligence exhibition in Daegu, with around 700 booths from 170 enterprises.

KT, Korea’s leading ABB company, will exhibit a variety of artificial intelligence robots, including quarantine robots, service robots, and care robots, as well as KT’s special technologies, as well as regional ABB representative companies such as WooKyoung Information Technology, Daeyoung Electronics, iGiS, and Jinmyung. I&C will present digital platforms and industrial cloud platform technologies.

Wookyung Information Technology, which develops AI-based video security, privacy protection solutions, and AI-based intelligent video analysis solutions, plans to contribute to increasing the company’s value by introducing technologies that contribute to the creation of high-level business value. In addition, OceanLightAI, MNVISION, and ALI decided to lead the local ABB industry by presenting the core technologies of artificial intelligence and digital transformation (DX).

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Through a special conference, they will host local IT talent at this year’s exhibition. Organized by the Gyeongbuk ICT Industry Promotion Association, ICT Matching Day provides networking time to share ICT-related technology and start-up know-how with local job seekers and entrepreneurs, as well as the latest ICT technology and industry status.

In addition, various conferences related to the ABB industry are prepared. The ‘International Conference on Artificial Intelligence’ will discuss industry-related topics such as medical technology combined with AI, use cases of AI-based autonomous driving services, use cases of AI technology for business innovation, and data generation to improve AI translation performance. with the theme of intelligent technology. will be organized.

The AI ​​Fusion Symposium of Keimyung University’s AI Fusion Research Center will also be held in the conference hall on the 3rd floor. Key figures from each industry, such as Jin-soo Lee, CEO of NHN DATA, and Seung-hwan Kim, CEO of LG AI Research, will present the latest AI trends and use cases, and share the future of AI and technology in action. . Development direction of ABB industry.

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In the cyber security area of ​​the exhibition hall, AhnLab, Jiran Data, Link-Net Korea, and IGLOO Corporation will present the latest technologies related to information security, and the 8th Daegu Cyber ​​Security Conference will be presented under the theme of Responding to Daegu Cyber ​​Networks. -Considering cyber security issues related to pandemic threats and local ICT issues, Daegu will prepare a platform to make Daegu a safer and smarter future high-tech city.

Komestic D(Data)·N(Network)·A(AI) experts will be invited to the DNA conference to discuss the development trends of the local D·N·A industry. ETRI will explain how to provide support to companies, including technical advice and technology transfer, after the presentation of the promising commercial technology through a briefing session on promising commercial technologies.

More than 50 foreign buyer companies from China, Vietnam, Southeast Asia and other countries will be invited to the exhibition to provide export/offline consulting. Kyungbuk ICT Industry Promotion Association, participating for the first time this year, will showcase the technologies and achievements of Kyungbuk’s leading IT companies. The National Information Society, Electronics and Communication Research Institute, Daegu Technology Park, Daegu Digital Innovation Promotion Agency, Advanced Convergence Technology Institute, Pohang Technology Park, Ulsan ICT Promotion Agency will jointly build a pavilion and enrich the exhibition by sharing results. promoting domestic ICT convergence and R&D-related technologies.

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Daegu Mayor Jung-pyo Hong said, “Our city is investing a lot to rapidly develop the ABB industry, which is one of Daegu’s five major future industries. We hope that through this exhibition, the participating companies will become active pioneers in the field of non-profit organizations and participate in shaping the future of Daegu City for the next 50 years.”

Meanwhile, ITCE 2022, organized by the Daegu City Government with the support of the Ministry of Science and Information Technology and the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, is the largest information technology exhibition in the region, which is being held for the 17th time this year. Various side events such as offline export conferences, new product and technology presentations, and ICT-related conferences were jointly organized to increase business effectiveness. In addition, Daegu’s only artificial intelligence exhibition “World AI Fair 2022” was held at the same time.

ICT Convergence Expo Korea 2022
ICT Convergence Expo Korea 2022 LIVE

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