Is Bluey a Boy or a Girl? Cartoon Character FAQs

There is a charming children’s show on Disney Junior and Disney+ that has fascinated young children and their parents alike for the past few years. Heck, even some childless adults admit to watching this show as a guilty pleasure! The row is Bluey, an Australian import about a family of anthropomorphic dogs. And fans have had many questions while watching the hit show, such as “Is Bluey a boy or a girl?” as well as “How old is Bluey?” and so much more. We’ll cover everything you need to know!

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While the animated show is marketed to preschoolers, it manages to tap into a kind of magic-in-a-bottle as it explores the joyous imagination of childhood while each seven-minute episode features laugh-out-loud infuses nurturing moments. Of course, Bluey also teaches important messages such as sharing and kindness and tackles serious topics such as bullying, disability, death and infertility.

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Bluey debuted in 2018 on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation Kids network, and in just a few short years it has launched a line of must-have toys, the touring production of Bluey’s Big Play, an album and even a podcast. The family-friendly show was nominated for a Critics Choice Award earlier this month, and Bluey even made her debut in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in November.

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Even though Bluey is wildly popular, there are some questions that keep coming up about the titular main character and the show, like what Bluey is about, is Bluey a boy or a girl, and why episodes of Bluey have been censored by Disney and will not air in the United States. Read on for everything you need to know about the juggernaut children’s television series, Bluey!


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