“Pleasure Captain” asks internet to help pay for damage done to Airbnb during 11 man sex bender

Filet Mignon stayed at an Airbnb in Chicago
Filet Mignon (@thatbanana.s.hadit/Instagram)

A non-binary queer person has been hit with viral fame and condemnation after a trip to Chicago last weekend.

Filet Mignon (@thatbanana.s.hadit on Instagram) posted to her followers about her trip to the Windy City for work.

They jointly organized the “Sanctum” music festival last weekend. Filet said Doubtful “I work in political advocacy, but in my spare time I’m a party mom and entertainment captain.”

What happened next is best described in Philetius’s own words.

“Dear Colleagues, Last weekend I hosted @sanctumchicago. The event organizer agreed to let me stay at the Airbnb, but after the festival I asked the owner of the Airbnb, who lives under the unit, if I could stay for another 2 nights, and he agreed.”

“What happened for the next 40 hours was that the sex bender was so dirty and sexy it made the devil blush (he was there). got off the dining room table and my sex machine plowed into an expensive carpet.”

“Just when I thought I was taking the necessary precautions to protect my property, I saturated every permeable surface with coconut oil, silicone oil, and 17 loads from 11 different people.”

“I reach when I need it. I go to Chicago, party like a rock star, trash Airbnb, and can’t pay off the resulting debt. I haven’t done the laundry, so anyone who can make it to 100 will get a dirty thong from this event.”

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“I’ve attached some lovely photos from the weekend and a sample of the 19 photos the Airbnb host sent me of the damage. If you reached out to me, supporting my cause would be a great way to show your appreciation.”

Filet includes ways to donate money. The Airbnb host estimated the damage would be in the region of $500, but offered to pay around $300.

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Gay Twitter reacts

Not long after, the video was screenshotted and shared hundreds of times. And many people were not impressed.

“Horrible, satanic behavior. I’m so scared, I’m gay so I can only imagine a straight person reading this,” said one person who retweeted the post.

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“There’s a reason people hate us…” said another.

“I hope they get a son from you,” someone said on Instagram. “This is beyond despicable, trespassing on other people’s property and giving our community a bad name.”

Some offered to donate the $350 Filet Mignon raised to a community cause.

A few defended Filet and behaved the same way in the hotel room. Some friends and acquaintances also came to defend them.

Filet’s original Instagram post was deleted because it contained a rather risque video. They reposted it without the clip in question.

To punish

After days of brutality on Twitter, Filet Mignon posted a video on Instagram today saying, “This is what accountability looks like.”

“I seem really nervous to some of you. I want to take responsibility and clear up some misconceptions,” they began. “First of all, I want to say I’m sorry,” they continued, looking seriously into the camera.

“I am very sorry that I was funny, that the joke went over your head, and that you shamed and humiliated me, and revealed yourselves to be loyal and jealous braggarts.”

They continued, “I’m so sorry I had such an uninhibited, brutal, juicy, satisfying sex life. If you don’t have one, you may not understand how these stains get on all the Airbnb bedding.”

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They have already been giving back to the community in many ways and those in the know know it well.

“This article is not for you. It was a joke. It was aimed at my friends and people who wanted to make fun of me.”

Filet says people post their sexual exploits on OnlyFans all the time and get paid for it. In comparison, Filet only asked for voluntary donations.

They ended by announcing that they had raised their goal to $1,000.

Contacted InterestingFilet said they won’t regret staying at the Airbnb.

“I am overwhelmed by the overwhelming negative feedback and heated criticism of my Airbnb story. I expected this to be mixed, but gay twitter isn’t very good with nuance and let me give it a go.

“Many people who knew me and people who did not know me understood that it was a joke and were extremely supportive. I’m a dirty, irreverent, sexually liberated weirdo, and I guess I live in that bubble.

“I had a blast, I didn’t hurt anyone, I dyed some textiles and told my friends about it. I have no meaningful regrets. People shouldn’t take shit so seriously. The party’s on.”

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