“Significantly improving the IDF’s effectiveness”

Ofer Yarden, CEO of Omnisys, talks about the company’s operations that allow the IDF to significantly improve its effectiveness by optimizing the use of resources and operational systems on the battlefield.

Omnisys was founded in 2000 to provide systems engineering consulting services to the defense organization and support the development of systems that meet customer needs. In 2007, Yarden became the company’s CEO, and over the years the organization has changed its business direction.

“We found that there was a lack of connection between the development and acquisition process of IDF systems conducted by technicians and the ability of operational users to effectively use these systems in combat,” Yarden explained in an interview. Defense of Israel.

“We found that users often do not maximize the system’s capabilities on the battlefield, which reduces operational performance by tens of percent. We decided to address this shortcoming and allow the IDF to be more effective in increasing its forces. appropriate system development and procurement (best use of system for operational mission).

“Together with the Department of Defense Research and Development (DDR&D) and various branches of the IDF, we are developing a new combat planning and management system. These systems use the most advanced technologies combining physics, complex algorithms and artificial intelligence to enable decision makers responsible for the IDF’s primary mission to make the right decisions.”

Develop the right system

Yarden, 55, is married to Galit, the father of Yoav, Yair, and Gilad. His career began with a six-year stint in the Israeli Air Force developing radar systems in the OFEC division (operational software development) and the IAF’s Equipment Division. He was also on the team that brought to Israel the first SAR radar, the MMRS, installed on the IAF’s F-4-2000 fighter jet.

“We developed and operated Israel’s first software block for airborne radar at Squadron 201,” Yarden said. He founded Omnisys when he left the IAF. We wanted to contribute to Israel’s security.

Yarden outlined a case study in which the company helps the defense establishment with force augmentation. “Let’s say we want to look at a proactive security solution that will be in place 10 years from now. Omnisys has developed a simulation infrastructure that we use to build simulations of every existing and future security system.

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The simulation includes complex physics, blue and red power data, and related additional elements. Using these simulations, we can assess the performance of current deployments and recommend where to invest for the most benefit in the face of future threats. Now imagine doing that in a variety of air, sea, ground, space and spectrum missions,” Yarden explained.

Potential savings of billions

“Imagine a force field expert system providing air defense commanders with an up-to-date, real-time situational picture of defensible and undefendable areas.

“The system can provide various alerts, such as whether there are no more missiles at a particular battery, whether the weather has changed, or whether there is new relevant intelligence. It also makes recommendations on what to do to best respond to the event. That way, the combatant commander can control the battle in the best possible way.” can

“Imagine having an ‘expert’ sitting next to a coalition commander who knows how to effectively recommend the next right move at any given moment. Not just an expert, but an embedded AI, constantly learning and evolving. The battle is evolving.”

“We develop and deliver real-time battle planning and control systems. Using the most advanced technologies in simulation, optimization and artificial intelligence, we enable battle planners and control room operators to make the right decisions in real time. How to deploy systems optimally for mission-optimized use , change placements, or change policies in real time.”

Who are the people in the company?

“The company employs more than 100 people. Engineers, software specialists, physicists, mathematicians, algorithms, operational analysis and other specialists. We have extensive knowledge of the main objectives of the IDF, as well as the systems used for these missions. The company rarely works. deep engineering and deep understanding of complex fields such as radar, SIGINT and electronic warfare. We also have an understanding of operational systems used in air defense, intelligence gathering and interception, as well as physical phenomena such as RF propagation and spectrum. exists. among other missions.”

How to get technical information?

“The IDF provides us with the most up-to-date information, based on which we build modeling systems and develop our planning and combat management systems,” Yarden explained.

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Can you scale your battle planning and management system?

“The planning and combat management systems we provide to the IDF are operational systems used in the control room to plan pre-combat sequences of operations and make real-time combat management decisions. The systems address all of the IDF’s core missions, including defense and intelligence gathering. , including attack and spectrum management – air, sea and land.

“The systems allow for informed decisions – for example, how to deploy a radar array for optimal detection. Also, what to do when one of the radars is jammed, malfunctions, or new intelligence is available – what is the optimal change in deployment? in real time Yarden explained.

“The system is also used to manage intelligence gathering using aerial systems. How to enable optimal spatial coverage, what platforms to use, what sensors to install on platforms, which direction will reduce the probability of detection by the enemy, and when what will happen? Some systems fail, or how to intelligently manage and optimize spectrum using cognitive methods, which can save billions in better procurement and smarter management.”

How to retain professional staff for many years?

“Omnisys is first and foremost home to more than 100 amazing people, each carefully selected. We care about everyone – everyone matters, everyone contributes, everyone makes an impact.

“We are guided by the company’s values ​​that were established 15 years ago: positive relationships, respect for others, and teamwork. It is important to us that people come to work happy in the morning, that our relationships are strong, that the atmosphere is good, that employees feel a sense of belonging, that they feel that they are contributing to the security of Israel, that they are growing and developing. will invest heavily in it.

“The company has a rare management team, with first-class leaders who work together as a team. Everyone in the company has an individual development plan, and our excellent human resources team invests a lot in people. I personally talk to our people all the time. , hold roundtables and listen. I strongly believe in transparency. We do quarterly company-wide updates, review and discuss what we accomplished last quarter, what we didn’t achieve, and our plans for the next quarter.

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‘Every Friday I send an email to all the staff about what happened that week. It’s all about keeping everyone connected. Everyone matters!

“We define the company’s mission as a significant contribution to Israel’s national security. People who come to work at Omnisys work because of the values ​​of love for their country, respect for others, and justice. The State of Israel. These are really important things!”

Do you also operate overseas?

“Of course. It is very difficult to rely on the Israeli defense budget, which depends only on the state budget, which unfortunately has become unstable in recent years. We operate both in Israel and abroad.

“Currently, about 20% of our sales are overseas, and we are making great efforts to expand our operations overseas. The Ministry of Defense’s DDR&D and SIBAT directors are very supportive, and we work as OEMs with major Israeli defense companies that sell our systems as part of their products.

“We have joined some G2G transactions and are exploring additional channels. Today, our system is used by the world’s leading armies, such as the United States, Korea, India, England, Finland, etc.”

What are your visions for the coming years?

“Our mission is to make a significant contribution to national security and to become the world’s leading supplier of mission optimization systems by 2030. We aim to do this while maintaining a special organizational culture of positive relationships, integrity and love for others.

“You know, a goal without a plan is basically just a wish. So, along with this vision, we’ve created an organized work plan. Every year, we choose the main tasks from our plan for the year. .

“This is all part of our journey to become the world’s best in mission optimization. The majority of these tasks are performed by our employee-led task force. All employees are stepping forward together in an exciting journey to become the best in the world while making a significant contribution to the security of the State of Israel.”


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