What entrepreneurial CEOs in the EdTech sector must think?

The education system creates hope, which should never be simply over-inflated. Over time, there have been several changes in various sectors of the economy, including the education system. The education sector, unlike any other sector, has witnessed an evolutionary disruptive transition.

Today we witness online learning from an Indian perspective based on the ancient Guru-Shishya (Teacher-Student) system. India has the world’s second largest population of 600 million or more aged 5-24 years and the education sector plays an important role.

This education sector is booming and shows no signs of slowing down. As innovators work on ideas that will create the next disruption in the EdTech world, investors are looking for something they think might click with students. A number of tech startups have started to give the education industry a boost by creating products that offer creative and innovative solutions to common problems faced by education stakeholders.

These entrepreneurs started to create innovative products and at the same time came up with several radical solutions. This has led to the creation of an entirely new knowledge economy. Therefore, EdTech CEOs need to think about innovation and entrepreneurial opportunities and participate in accelerating the knowledge economy. Are you one of these CEOs?

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What should entrepreneurial CEOs think about?

In a rapidly changing world, global economic scenarios are developing at a higher speed. Every economy is racing to become a knowledge-based economy. The education sector has become a hotbed of progress and thus a catalyst for startups to identify emerging opportunities in the education sector.

    1. The question is, do these CEOs know the importance of innovation and creativity in a VUCA world?
    2. Are they willing to learn from the insights and experiences of those who have succeeded and failed in the field to create educators?
    3. How involved are they in developing strategies to stay competitive and capture changing trends in the education market?

Start thinking and formulating your answers now, because the introspection above leads to another revelation.

Questions lead to introspection

  1. How to identify new business opportunities in education
  2. What are the different tools and ways to create a high-growth startup in education?
  3. How can we encourage pre-service and in-service teachers to address broader societal issues as entrepreneurs?
  4. Why is it necessary to adopt an innovative entrepreneurial mindset?

What do elected education CEOs think?

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Each puzzle became more complex as you talked to the officials, leading to the next level of answers in the form of queries.

Executive Directors:

  1. What does the future of education look like in a knowledge-based economy?
  2. Is it the pandemic boom and the overabundance of new generation startups on digital platforms?
  3. What is the main idea of ​​creating a new era of education?
  4. What challenges can the king foresee in the future?
  5. What skills do pre-service and in-service teachers need to be successful educators?


is considered Blended learning will follow EdTech and technology roles. Critical thinking, problem solving, and mind-shifting techniques will be used extensively. We must understand that education predates technology, which offers different pedagogies to different learners. Teachers’ attitudes toward technology and the pandemic’s role in accelerating technology became key drivers. This system is moving away from simple learning and developing independent learning with additional skills.

The future is bright with several startups making their presence felt in the EdTech space. In this new era, there is a real need for mentors to be entrepreneurs, and one of them with key leadership skills will be a CEO. In fact, teachers are already highly creative innovators, as they can teach new classes with new methods and approaches to long-standing curriculum. That’s how CEOs think In the EdTech space, users and teachers should be given special attention. Augmented and virtual reality have changed the whole scenario of services, so space must be given to innovation. This disruption creates limitless opportunities for entrepreneurship in the EdTech industry. Are CEOs on the hunt?

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Written by Prof. (Dr.) Manoj Joshi.
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