Wolf Pack Series Premiere Review – “From a Spark to a Flame”

Wolf Pack will debut on Paramount+ on January 26, with new episodes weekly.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Star Sarah Michelle Gellar returns to teen horror in Paramount+’s Wolf Pack, also served as an executive producer, and her first episode is proof that she could use a better agent. While she’s considered a main character, she’s barely in the premiere, which is a mess of terrible special effects, clunky writing, and YA clichés.

The adaptation of the book of the same name by Edo Van Belkom mostly follows California high school students Everett Lang (Armani Jackson) and Blake Navarro (Bella Shepard) who are forced to evacuate their school bus along with their classmates when a neighborhood fire a real noah’s driving tools from panicked animals running across the highway. The striking image of a smoldering bighorn sheep is the best part of the episode, but the rest of the scene is B-movie fare, with people crushing their skulls like watermelons by stomping ungulates or grabbing monstrous figures from the smoke .

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Wolf Pack does present a fairly realistic portrayal of autism in Blake’s younger brother Danny (Nevada Jose), but Blake’s monologue about her difficult family life is overwhelming. Even worse is the overwritten interaction between Luna and Harlan, who want to find her real father and her “pack”. It’s hard to care enough about any of these characters to fear the monster that’s chasing them.

That’s especially true considering how awful the special effects and fight sequences are, using CGI that looks like it could be 20 years old. Jackson and Shephard don’t deliver believable fear, especially when their flight is blocked by a single board just so Everett can show off his newfound strength and clear the way. The biggest thrills of werewolf shows and movies often come from dramatic transformation sequences, but the cheapness of Wolf Pack’s visuals promises that it will likely be disappointing when the characters finally release the beasts within.

Gellar plays Kristin Ramsey, an arson investigator who warns Everett that one of his classmates was behind the fire. Cue a cheesy flashback to all the faces on the bus. This whodunit is clearly meant to be a season-long drama, forcing the teens to balance their normal student lives with revelations about their wolfy selves, but the premiere of Wolf Pack offers no reason to spend another night waiting on any major drama. month will bring.


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